How To Be a Freelancer

Now the work as Freelancer is becoming increasingly occupied by many people. This is because as a Freelancer you have 5 major advantages that you do not have to be a permanent worker in the company – freedom of time, doing a preferred job, receiving multiple job projects at once, setting up fees received & working at home and staying with family.

Well, there are 8 important tips for you always get Client, job & earnings as Freelancer, especially in companyblog, please refer to the guide below:

  1. Create a Professional Personal Profile
Write your Personal Profile honestly & clearly by focusing on your most important skills & knowledge.


Use a profile photo with a clear, professional & up-to-date face. Up-date your profile every 2 months to show your progress & progress.
2. Enter your Portfolio

Your portfolio is a testament to the capabilities you admit when writing Personal Profile. Always up-date your portfolio immediately after completing a job.


Put your best portfolios at the top.
3. Understand the Brief Job

Make sure you know with the Job coverage & capabilities needed to complete the Job as well as the expected outcomes of your Client. Make sure you can fulfill it.


If the brief is not clear, ask for an example of a previous Job result that has been made.

4. Know Brand Client
Know the name of the company, brand used and products or services sold by your Client. All this information will make you understand to produce Job that matches the selling point of the brand.


To know your Client brand in more detail, do some research on Google

5. Give the Best Results
Give the highest quality Job results – even if they are more than expected. Your results will be a benchmark to get your Client back again & recommend you.


Ask for feedback on every Job you submit and review & rating after Job

6. Complete the Job on Time or Even Earlier

Make sure you can set the schedule to start & complete the Job in accordance with the specified Job & deadline coverage.

You must have sufficient time to complete each Job to maintain the best quality of Job results.


Never accept a Job that is too hasty that can lead to non-fulfillment of deadlines or decline in quality of Job results. This affects the review you will get.

7.Pro-Active Communicating

Always be polite, calm & friendly when interacting with Client. During the process, communicate intensively with your Client.

Ask if anything needs to be confirmed & ask for feedback on Job submitted.


When Client contact you, answer as soon as possible & always flexible to make corrections or changes within the limits of Job coverage.

8. Willing to Receive Feedback & Make Corrections

During the course of work, it is ensured that any corrections or changes are requested by the Client.

Always flexible, responsive & friendly to help your Client while within reasonable limits of Job coverage.


When the Client asks for a correction & you feel unfamiliar with the request, ask to be re-explained so you do not waste time making repeated mistakes.
Easy is not it to be a Professional Freelancer in companyblog?

In addition, there is one more important thing loh you need to know, transact in companyblog is safe!

companyblog protects Client & Freelancer and provides payment certainty from Job that you have completed by way of.