9 Considerations You Should Know Before Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Content marketing or content marketing has become a trend to get customers or audiences from websites / blogs today. How to?

The main weapons content marketing is writing, images, or video that has the appeal to be shared or shared to social media because it has the value of the desired audience.

But making the content is not easy.

With 8 hours of work a day, a non-professional post blog can take one business day.

What is the solution?

The solution that is becoming a trend now is to outsource or throw a job of making content marketing to freelancers or freelancers.

Outsourcing content marketing has many benefits for a business. In addition to saving time, outsourcing can also reduce the costs and risks of your failure because those who are employed generally have the skill and expertise on demand.

Still confused determining whether or not to outsource content marketing? Here are 9 questions to consider!

1. Does your team have the required skills?
A content marketer must have the following three skills: networking skills, domain expertise and writing skills.

A person can have one or two of these abilities but to have all three – that is very rare.

According to the survey, 42% of companies do not have employees who are able to apply their knowledge in the field of content marketing.

And as many as 32% of business owners admitted to having trouble finding someone who has all three skills at once.

Outsourcing allows you to work with experts in the field. So is the content marketing that has the ability to write, design and manage social media accounts.

For example, you are required to take care of corporate blogs but you do not have an expert staff in the field of article writing or creating an infographic …

Well … here’s where outsource content marketing can be a solution.

2. How much company data can be published?
In content marketing, a company can be transparent or closed to its customers.

Being transparent, for example, takes consumers to a behind-the-scenes product-making process or introduces them to a company’s strategy or secret.

This detail information is usually preferred by consumers because they feel closeness with a product / service.

However, not all businesses are willing to be transparent due to various confidential matters.

If you are willing to “bluntly” with consumers, then outsourcing the content is the right choice because you are not reluctant to submit corporate data to these freelancers.

But if you feel uncomfortable when a stranger accesses the internal parts of a company, that does not mean you can not outsource your work.

You just have to limit the amount of information shared to freelancers.

3. How much budget content marketing do you need?
Budget determines choices. Especially if you intend to promote products / services through content marketing – then at least, you should regularly update content three times a week or even every day.

Not to mention take care of the website and recruit social media admin.

What is the budget allocation for your content marketing?

If the answer is not much, then outsourcing can be a solution.

One of the benefits of outsourcing is to reduce costs because you only pay as much as needed, without employee benefits and so on.

4. Working with a freelancer or agency?
Before answering the questions above, we need to know the difference between freelancers and agencies.

Freelancers have a self-employed system. That is, a person works on his own according to his skills.

While the term agency has a ‘impression’ that is more professional and usually has some staff (at least 3 people) who work on load in greater quantities than a freelancer.

The significant differences that exist in both are: Price.

Especially if the company budget is very limited, the price becomes one of the main considerations when running a marketing strategy.

When you work with a freelancer, the cost calculation is generally based on the difficulty of the content and how long they can finish it.

Unlike freelancers, an agency can be a one-stop-service for all content marketing needs from SEO, websites, and content updates.

But agency prices are also much higher than freelancers due to operational considerations, office rent, and so forth.

The more bonus when working with freelancers is, they are used to doing specific things, such as SEO blog writing, logo design or create a website.

If you have specific needs with small quantities, then outsourcing freelancers is the ideal solution.

But if your company has an excess budget and does not want to bother with content marketing, the agency can help you.

5. Does your content marketing have a specific and relevant niche?
An employee is recruited based on his skill or experience. Likewise when someone formed a team for content marketing.

They are expected to have the above mentioned skills (domain expertise, networking and writing).

When you recruit an author or social media admin, you may have recruited the right people: Experienced in the field, able to write, manage social media well, and so on.

But is he also familiar with your business industry?

An effective content will communicate effectively to the reader, so it takes a truly expert author in an industry.
Advantages of choosing freelancers is usually their skills are already formed.

There is a good understanding of the field of technology, there is also a very expert in the field of writing articles about health, culinary, automotive, and so forth.

You can request specific skill or expertise in the field you need.

6. Do you have a team capable of facing challenges in the content marketing world?
According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, the two biggest challenges in content marketing are:

Creating content that is relevant and liked by readers
Create enough content
You should be able to convince yourself that the team you have today, is able to overcome those two challenges. If not, it’s time to outsource content marketing.

7. How do they understand the purpose of your content marketing strategy?
Every company has a different understanding of content marketing.

No wonder if the content marketing goal of X business can be another with business goals Y.

With the freelancer as a freelancer, it is not unlikely that a freelancer gets a project from several different companies with their own goals and strategies.

In order to meet your expectations, there needs to be a guideline or briefing that ensures everything goes on the right track.

For example like this, your blog’s content marketing goal is to add 100 subscribers per month. Then you decide to hire a freelancer who can create 3 articles per week.

A freelancer although able to create excellent articles, but does not understand the purpose of your blog (not generating new subscriber), then the content will be in vain.

So if you choose to outsource content marketing, make sure the freelancer is familiar with the goals and strategies of your company.

8. Do they provide warranty?
The main factor why companies hesitate to use freelancers is because they fear freelancers can not deliver results according to expectations.

When content marketing is applied in a business, the result can not be instant. When you target SEO results, it may take several months to appear on Google’s home page.

Since some content marketing activities require long-term commitment, you need to check whether outsource content marketing selected can provide evidence not just appointments.

Therefore if you choose to use the services of freelancers, choose a platform like Sribulancer that provides money back guarantee and ensure the freelancer is not blurred.

9. How can content marketing support to other departments in your business?
Content marketing also includes one of the soft-selling marketing efforts. although only soft but still the purpose of selling products / services.

For example, you sell cosmetic products and want to publish content that contains skin care and facial cleansing tips.

Thus, a content marketer should be able to link these tips with products sold. Thus, people looking for info about the content will be more interested in visiting your cosmetic website.

That means, a content must be able to explain well-sold products and effectively convey its benefits to the audience.

Although content marketing is just one of the many marketing techniques in your business, it contributes to the success of a business. Effective content marketing is able to provide useful content to the audience as well as introduce your product / service more broadly.

Hopefully 9 questions above can be a consideration to decide whether or not to outsource your content marketing.

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