9 Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Visitors Through Social Media Marketing

In the previous article we already know how to increase visitors and the blog community through effective places for blog marketing. Many who think of promoting online content that sesimpel publish post and do social media marketing in various social media channels.

However, in fact, it takes a good strategy and tactics if you want optimal results.

Well, in this paper I will discuss nine ways to increase blog visitors through social media marketing.

1. Understand the Right Social Media Types

There are various social media used in Indonesia, and this is not a secret.

However, which social media is appropriate to increase our blog visitors? To answer that, you have to use some straegi, like …

… use two types of social media only in promoting your blog, or even use one type only.

Why so?

That’s because many have tried to promote their blogs in all social media channels, but the result of interaction occurs only in certain social media.

Therefore, to be able to determine which social media is your potential choice, do these two steps:

  • Know Your Readers
    You can read this to understand the type of each social media and the character of each user

The important thing is you understand the target demographics of your blog readers.

Google Analytics can be one of the tools that helps you identify age, gender, interest and other important things about your blog readers.

Then, you complete the data by studying the type and role of social media that is right for your business.

From these data, you will more easily determine which type of social media is suitable for blog promotion through social media marketing.

  • Determine the Potential of Any Social Media
    A study by Simon Kemp of We Are Social (2017) produced the most active social media sequence in USas follows:


Does your writing lead professionals? Possible potentials from LinkedIn and Google+ match.

If your target audience prefers visual, maybe you should further explore Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

When one or two types of social media have been selected, it’s easier for you to use analytics to gauge the effectiveness and trends of your readers towards an increase in blog visitors.

2. Re-posting Blog Content
Reissuing or re-posting blog content is a must in blog marketing.

Do not be afraid of being spamming by people because not all target readers see your post in the morning, so when it’s day or night.

Therefore, determining the reposting schedule is also important.

However, re-posting will not be optimal if done without a clear strategy and steps. For that, you can follow these steps:

  • Select the content
    Former journalist, senior Blogger and content expert of Indonesia, Budi Putra once said that one of the characters of the blog content, which can be recycled.

That is, your writing in the last year can still be relevant if it can be properly recycled.

Previously, you should be able to first identify the growing trend or interest of the readers of your blog.

Then, you can choose the old content that can meet those needs.

  • Rewrite content (if necessary)
    You can rewrite an article you’ve written and re-publish it.

That way, there will be no duplicate content.

If duplicate content occurs within one or more websites, you may be subject to Google’s content duplication penalty. which can negatively affect your organic SEO performance.

Conversely, if you improve the quality of the content (by adding images, keywords, or backlinks), the quality of SEO from the content will actually increase.

  • Contact other relevant website owners
    Publishing writing on other people’s websites has always been a good effort to increase your blog visitors.

Therefore you are encouraged to contact the owner or other website contacts relevant to the content of your blog. That way you can potentially gain a new audience.

Some website owners may ask for some adjustments to your writing, some others may not. So, be prepared with all these possibilities.

  • Rewrite in another language (recommended)
    This step is worth doing because it would be great to extend the reach of your readers who speak other languages ​​eg English.

It also allows your content to spread even more around the world.

So start thinking of creating at least two language versions of your content!

3. Enable Sharing Buttons on your Blog
This makes it easy for readers to share your blog content in their social media.

Remember, the more content you share, the better ranking your content on Google!

But do not present too many buttons sharing because it can make readers confused.

For blogs, usually Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most sensible types of social media to activate.

4. Distribute Small Pieces of Written Articles
Position yourself as a reader on social media .. It would be frustrating if your Timeline or Feed is only filled by the title of the article and the link.

In order for readers not to get annoyed and your promotional style becomes more varied, you can post snippets of your writings without including links.

5. Use Hashtags
One of the successes in social media marketing is how effectively we use hashtag (#).
The example above, for example, uses a #website #design to make it easier for readers to find the topic on Twitter, for example.

In other words, hashtag acts as a discovery tool for other users to find your tweets even for those who are not your followers.

Use hashtags correctly! Do not use too many hashtags.

Simply use a maximum of two tada fences in your tweet. Research has proven that using tagar more than two results will not be optimal.

You can read how the correct Twitter Marketing to prove it.

6. Always Spread Content on Facebook
In spreading blog content on Facebook, there are certain steps that can make your post stand out among other posts in Feed:

  • Use Short Captions
    I’ve used short captions when promoting personal blog content. In fact, the caption reads “No caption needed”, and the result?

I have great confidence that short captions make the title and theme of the article increasingly make the reader curious.

Better yet, when the content you share has a weight, the reader will not hesitate to share it.

So, it would be useless if you have a quality article but do not know let alone apply social media marketing tactics like this.

  • Use Excerpts from Posts
    The caption used by Sribu above is a snippet of the articles shared on his Facebook page.

The result? It turned out pretty well with 24 likes and 19 other accounts sharing the article.

Oh! In addition, you must also ensure that the images that accompany your post should be large and high quality in order to increase the credibility of the content.

Links or links may be minor. However, if it flooded the Facebook Feed would be more disturbing comfort.

By removing the link when the image starts to appear it will make your post look cleaner and professional.

And, you are not impressed from sharing a post.

That way, you show that you know what you are doing.

7. Spread Content on Twitter
When distributing content on Twitter, you can try out some of the following social media marketing tactics to make your promotional tweets do not feel bland:

  • Use Images
    This one tactic is no small talk. Never underestimate the power of an image in a tweet.

As you promote your article links, use high quality images to improve engagement from followers.

Well, if you do not want to trust this from me, maybe similar official tips from Twitter will make you believe.

  • Post More Than Once
    Tweet more than once. The image above is a tweet from an article I shared in the previous day.

I always say, never be afraid of being considered spamming.


Because not everyone will see your post today, this morning, this afternoon or tonight. Who knows some new people have time or want to see your content the next day.

  • Mention Influencer
    The article I created is an application of one type of content that can increase your blog traffic, that is by displaying expert opinions in it.


Then, what does this mean? You have gained recognition from the influencer and the relationship is a valuable investment that you should keep.

That way, you can ask for help so that influencers can spread your content on the network, so the reach is wider and potential traffic increases.

Keep trying, then the result will be seen in the end.

8. Spread the content on Google+
In spreading content on Google+, the most important thing is to join the right community.

Google+ has made it so much easier for us to target relevant audiences. Will you just miss it?

By joining relevant communities, it will make it easier for you to sort the content that will be shared by topic.

9. Spread Content on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is one of the most effective places for blog marketing online.

First, you should not be lazy to complete all the information that LinkedIn asks in completing your profile.

If your LinkedIn profile is complete, then you and everything related to you (article, for example) will increase its credibility.

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